Marketing is hard

Leading a marketing team is even harder

CMO tenure is the lowest it’s been in a decade—here’s why:

Your budgets are often the first to get cut.


of CMOs believe they lack sufficient budget to fully execute their strategy.

You have to wear multiple hats—

understand finance to invest in ROI, stay close to your product to perfect messaging, collaborate with sales to drive qualified leads…

You have to innovate constantly—

this industry moves fast and what worked yesterday won’t necessarily work tomorrow.

Or perhaps marketing is hard because acquiring customers is hard (er than ever)

In 2013, merchants spent $9 to acquire a new customer on average, but today, this has shot up to $29,

a whopping

In 2022, the U.S. spent 63.5 billion dollarsl on digital ad displays.

…and most people can’t recall a single one (can you?)


of consumers say they receive completely irrelevant messages from brands


are frustrated with the constant flurry in their inbox

Consumers have access to more products and services than ever before, with millions of new storefronts enabled by the digital revolution.

They also have access to more information than ever before, meaning they want to conduct in-depth research before making a purchase.

So, what do you prioritize?

Cost Savings

Is it justifying every dollar spent and finding new budgets?


of CMO’s surveyed state that their enterprise is asking them to do more with less


report that they’re under pressure to make significant changes to how marketing works to achieve sustainable results


Is it speeding up time to market and maintaining and retaining a strong team?


of marketers deal with resource constraints. Digital marketing teams face limited staffing, ad placements, and budget constraints. Insufficient staff hampers task execution and efficiency, while lacking expertise leads to suboptimal campaigns.

Customer Experience

Is it improving your CX, given it’s the one thing you know will help during market uncertainty?


of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services — the highest it’s ever been

Maybe it’s those three big bold letters:


How about

all of them?

You need a cost effective, efficient channel that lessens the burden on your team, improves customer experience, and crucially drives ROI:

Partnership Marketing

Partnership marketing encompasses any partners who refer and recommend you customers. This could be creators who recommend your brand, publishing houses like Meredith and Conde Nast who review your business, affiliates who link out to your products, and more.

Commerce Content
Customer Referrals

The hard truth? People don’t want to hear you talk about your brand. They want unfiltered opinions. From 3rd parties they implicitly trust. So they’re turning to review sites, influencers and family and friends–before making a purchase. That’s why partnerships are so crucial for new customer acquisition.

of people trust
personal recommendations
over any other advertising channel
Almost half
of consumers today rely on influencer recommendations and
trust influencers more than ads or celebrity endorsements 
people read reviews
making a purchase

Here’s how can help

EfficientCost EffectiveImproves Customer ExperienceDrives ROI
A platform that allows you to create, manage, and scale all your partnerships in one place

Cost Effective

You only pay partners for what you want to pay for, like real sales. You’re not just spending your money on impressions, hoping they equate to value down the road.


Partners can start driving sales for you immediately. With a streamlined, automated tech platform, you can decrease the burden on your team. Plus, partners truly become extensions of your team, without you having to increase your headcount.

Improved Customer Experience

Your customers will be natively introduced to your products and services via people they trust and already interact with in their daily lives - without being bombarded by intrusive ads.

And of course, it’s one of the most effective ways to prove ROI. You’ll have all the data you need to track your partner’s and your customer’s journeys.

The kicker? Unlike most partnership platforms, you can manage all partnership types on be it creators, affiliates, your customers, and more. We understand this is a must-have as marketing leaders everywhere are consolidating their technology solutions and eliminating silos in the workplace.


The opportunity here is also huge— brands have

a 0% revenue growth

from forming these all-important referral partnerships


You’ll also be ahead of the curve as only

1 in 0 marketers

currently leverage influencer marketing, despite it offering the 2nd highest ROI of any trend

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